Fleeting Moments

This is a year of opportunity for me, and I’m grabbing those rare moments of beauty and joy! Writing “The End” on my first cozy mystery was one of them, to be sure. Walking on the blue-and-white-stripe stones on the beach near Church Cove, Cornwall, was another.

And just now, with my camera securely packed for the afternoon departure to Iceland, the tiniest spotted fawn I’ve ever seen scampered into view at the edge of the woods. I needn’t have felt bad about not having the camera handy: as soon as I came to the window for a lingering gaze, Mom Doe sensed my presence and headed the two of them into the trees.

But my mind’s eye remembers the little fellow leaping through the clover.

5 thoughts on “Fleeting Moments

  1. Where in Iceland are you visiting? In my novel “Becoming Ruby”, my protagonist does an escape to Reykjavik. I’ve never been there but researched to get descriptive details. Funny coincidence – no?


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