What readers are saying about STUCK

Stuck_postit Six months after its publication, here’s a sample of reviews for STUCK, book two of The Penningtons Investigate!

A Life Through Books: “Humor along with mystery and intrigue really make for a wonderfully written and fun to read novel!”

Texas Book Nook: “Fun, addictive, and full of surprises.”

Cyn: “STUCK, the second mystery in The Penningtons Investigate series, is just as wonderful as the first! The professor-sleuths Lyssa and Kyle are well-developed and engaging. The setting is sharply drawn, and the mystery unfolds at a steady pace, with myriad twists and turns to keep you guessing.”

Novel News Network: “A very suspenseful novel.  Definitely fast paced.”

Valerie’s Musings: “I would definitely highly recommend this series to other cozy mystery enthusiasts!”

Erika K: “Lyssa and Kyle are a sweet couple, each with their own strengths, which makes them a good investigative team, and STUCK an enjoyable story.”

The Indie Express: “A Smooth moving plot with a mystery that kept me flipping pages to the very end. Great Suspense and Mystery. Definitely kept me guessing.”

My Reading Addiction: “I loved the balance between the lives and personalities of the characters and the mystery they were dealing with.”

Books Are Love: “A fun mystery that captures you from the beginning and puts you in the story wanting to solve it alongside Lyssa, her husband and friends.”

On a Reading Bender: “Light and Fun, C.T. Collier’s novel STUCK will have readers captivated by her characters.”

Momma and Her Stories: “C.T. Collier does a great job of creating a Mystery that keeps the reader invested and guessing.”

Many thanks to all my readers! I love hearing your feedback and your experience of the Penningtons’ adventures!

When a review really “gets” your book

Authors have their share of good reviews and bad, but for this author it’s heart-warming when a reviewer really gets what I’ve tried to do with a book. That’s why I feel compelled to share a line from a review of Planted, posted to Amazon on July 17. The reader, Mr. Herman, begins by calling the book “charming,” and asserts, “At the end, I felt as sorry for one of the villains as I did for the man who was murdered….that takes a good writer!”

When I read the review, I was speechless, and a smile spread across my face. I try to bring compassion to my writing, not just for the victim but for many of the characters. Certainly for the victim’s loved ones, and  sometimes for a villain whose life has gone haywire. Thank you, Mr. Herman, for responding to to that facet of the story and for taking the time to say so!

And now, back to writing book two of The Penningtons Investigate . . .

Before plunging into the second mystery…

The Root of Murder, Lyssa and Kyle Pennington’s first Tompkins Falls Mystery, is now fully revised and in the hands of trusted writing partners. So many people have contributed to the book already, most especially Anne and Martha.

I’m at the point of developing a query letter, promotional ideas and materials, and marketing strategy. What an awkward place!

The most productive thing I’ve done today is thoroughly vacuum my house. Ohmigod, I emptied the dust catcher four times. Oh, and I finally sprayed my walking shoes with that silicone spray that’s supposed to keep them dry. I hadn’t gotten around to that before the trip to Cornwall.

All this is telling me that I need to get a lot more organized about this business of writing and publishing. With a complete (4-book) romance series behind me (the Lakeside Porches romances under the pen name Katie O’Boyle, published by Soul Mate Publishing) I know a few things about the publishing world of today and the heavy responsibilities placed on authors.

The internal debate is: find a publisher who’ll commit to my mystery series vs. self-publish? This is one of those decision I can only make by doing some footwork in each of those directions. So, stay tuned on that one.

This afternoon I have a one-to-one at the Apple Store to learn about iCloud and about sharing manuscripts between my iPad and my new laptop. Next lesson will address book trailers. It’s been four years since I created a book trailer with iMovie and Garage Band. I can’t wait!

I think my first project will be the bridge book Waking Up to Love, book four of the romance series that tells the love story of characters Lyssa Doughty and Kyle Pennington (opening and closing scenes in Cornwall!). Due out in October, that story convinced me Lyssa and Kyle deserved their own mystery series. And now they have it.

On to the business of getting The Tompkins Falls Mysteries published. And, of course, to writing the second of the mysteries.