The Corpse with the Ruby Lips (academic mystery)

Gosh, I thought I knew every academic mystery author! Imagine my delight when my editor called my attention to Canadian author Cathy Ace and her dual-sleuth academic mystery series. Former police detective, Bud Anderson, and psychology professor, Cait Morgan, solve crimes together in wonderful locations around the globe. Most recent in the series is The Corpse with the Ruby Lips, set in Budapest. Since I visited Budapest just over a year ago, I was happy to start there with the Cait Morgan Mysteries. Any needed background appeared just in time, and I admired the way Ace handled the history and culture of the city as integral to the story. Best of all was the dialogue between Bud and Cait as they problem solve together, disagree with one another, and express their deep caring as a newly married couple. This series is a keeper, and I know I’ll enjoy the locales the books before Budapest.

Before plunging into the second mystery…

The Root of Murder, Lyssa and Kyle Pennington’s first Tompkins Falls Mystery, is now fully revised and in the hands of trusted writing partners. So many people have contributed to the book already, most especially Anne and Martha.

I’m at the point of developing a query letter, promotional ideas and materials, and marketing strategy. What an awkward place!

The most productive thing I’ve done today is thoroughly vacuum my house. Ohmigod, I emptied the dust catcher four times. Oh, and I finally sprayed my walking shoes with that silicone spray that’s supposed to keep them dry. I hadn’t gotten around to that before the trip to Cornwall.

All this is telling me that I need to get a lot more organized about this business of writing and publishing. With a complete (4-book) romance series behind me (the Lakeside Porches romances under the pen name Katie O’Boyle, published by Soul Mate Publishing) I know a few things about the publishing world of today and the heavy responsibilities placed on authors.

The internal debate is: find a publisher who’ll commit to my mystery series vs. self-publish? This is one of those decision I can only make by doing some footwork in each of those directions. So, stay tuned on that one.

This afternoon I have a one-to-one at the Apple Store to learn about iCloud and about sharing manuscripts between my iPad and my new laptop. Next lesson will address book trailers. It’s been four years since I created a book trailer with iMovie and Garage Band. I can’t wait!

I think my first project will be the bridge book Waking Up to Love, book four of the romance series that tells the love story of characters Lyssa Doughty and Kyle Pennington (opening and closing scenes in Cornwall!). Due out in October, that story convinced me Lyssa and Kyle deserved their own mystery series. And now they have it.

On to the business of getting The Tompkins Falls Mysteries published. And, of course, to writing the second of the mysteries.