Cornish Spirit

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–by Kate Collier, writing as Katie O’Boyle–

A couple of weeks ago, Rusty treated us to photos from his bucket-list journey to France. I read his post just a few days after returning from a bucket-list trip of my own to Cornwall in the UK. My trip was also research for my current series: Lakeside Porches and The Tompkins Falls Mysteries. And since the title of our Road Scholar program was “Digital Photography in the South West of England,” you know I took a ton of photos.

Doc Martin fans know this as "Port Wenn" Post Isaac (Port Wenn)

I was expecting the coast and countryside to be gorgeous, and it surpassed my expectations. The color of the sea blew me away. Some areas of the coast are rich in slate, which creates an aqua such as you’d see in the Caribbean. In other places the sea is a deep blue violet. St. Ives and Port Isaac’s harbors…

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