The Penningtons Investigate – smart classy academic mysteries

When their clever minds inquire, clever killers can’t hide.

1 Planted

When the Penningtons find a live gun under the dead tree in their rose garden, they’re convinced there’s a body somewhere. So is a friend with the State Police. But whose body? Where is it? Who pulled the trigger? And why did the killer plant the gun?

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“Lots of twists and turns and a wonderfully woven mystery.” Texas Book Nook Feb 17, 2017

2 Stuck

 Murder never entered the picture until Fritz Van Derzee announced he planned to clear his name. Who stuck a jeweled stiletto into his desktop after stabbing him? And where’s the ten million he was falsely accused of embezzling?

Order in paperback, Kindle, or Nook format

“I loved the balance between the lives and personalities of the characters and the mystery they were dealing with. . . Collier creates scenarios that are not easy to unravel and keeps you invested throughout the entirety of the novel.” My Reading Addiction, Sept 11, 2017

3 Sipped

When Lyssa hosts dinner for a faculty candidate, someone adds a little poison to his glass. Is it because he’s not who he says he is? Or is something else at work at troubled Tompkins College?

Order in paperback; Kindle; or Nook format

4 Vamoosed


Professor Rand Cunningham is shot and left for dead on the Penningtons’s front lawn, and Lyssa Pennington could be next. Who’s behind the drive-by hit? Detective Shaughnessy hunts for the badass truck seen speeding away from the scene. Lyssa and Kyle follow a lead to Norway, where villains, trolls, and other bombshells will change their lives forever.

Order in Paperback, Kindle, or Nook format


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